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Budget Tank, is proud to state that for years it has been the low cost tank removal and decommissioning company for the Greater Puget Sound area. Budget Tank has served hundreds of customers who have been completely satisfied with the superior quality and service that Budget Tank delivers. Budget Tank’s equipment operators and service personnel are extremely professional and have the experience that it takes to properly decommission your unused oil tank or replace it with a new one.

Budget Tank also offers its extensive knowledge on the legal technicalities in assisting with insurance claims and home sale concerns.

Tank Services
1 Tank Removal with back fill
2 Tank Decommissioning in Place
3 Tank Pump, Rinse and Capping
4 Tank Installation
5 Regulatory & Permit Assistance

Environmental Clean-up Services
1 Soil & Groundwater Sampling
2 Soil & Groundwater Remediation
3 In-Situ Bioremediation
4 Excavation & Disposal

 Budget Tank, offers its customers a wide variety of decommissioning services to suit each customer’s need. Just as importantly, Budget Tank’s service personnel are trained to decommission your tank so that your property is not negatively impacted during the tank decommissioning process.

 Budget Tank is fully licensed, insured and bonded. In addition, Budget Tank is properly certified by the International Fire Code Institute to properly decommission your tank. Budget Tank is also certified to provide environmental services ranging from soil testing and evaluation to oil contamination cleanup and site assessments under the guidelines established by the Washington State Department of Ecology and under the Model Toxics Control Act for the State of Washington.

  When deciding to decommission your unused oil tank or when replacing it with a new one, let Budget Tank, show you the low cost, high quality service that it can provide. Low cost oil tank decommissioning and superior customer satisfaction is our goal!!!




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